Comic Book Reading Week

I realized I haven’t been updating the blog with anything more than reviews, so I’m going to try to change that in the near future. For now, here’s something for to-read section.

As I’ve mentioned in previous post, this week will be dedicated to reading comic books and graphic novels. This is what I plan to be reading until next Friday (not counting The Umbrella Academy, which I started yesterday). Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze all of this into what is shaping up to a be a fairly busy week for me. Stay tuned!


To-Read Shelf: 17/06/10

The scene above may seem like it was taken in some kind of librarian gone crazy party (or not, I’ve never been in one of those – if such a thing exists) but this is actually what my office looked like a couple of days ago. And trust me, the rest of the room looked worse. Yikes.

For a while now I had been wanting to get more shelf space for my books, mostly because my to-read pile was starting to look dangerously similar to the Pisa tower (my read ones were also getting piled in front of one another, but at least they weren’t in danger of falling). And when your books start to need an architect to keep them in place, it’s time to get a new shelf.

And so I did.

It looks bluish in the photos, but it’s actually completely black, slightly shiny and gorgeous. And huge. Much bigger then I imagined, and since the ceiling is slanted I was worried for a bit that we might not be able to get it standing. But all is good, and I’ve started the process of organizing the books. And so my to-read shelf is now an actual shelf.

I’m happy.

In other news, this week has been crazy in terms of planning and schedule, so reading time has been low. I was hoping to finish Scott McCloud’s book before my vacations, but looks like I might have to end up taking it with me. I worry though that since it’s not exactly a small book it might get damaged. Does anyone have any “traveling with books” advice?

To-Read Shelf: 13/04/10

This week I took advantage of Fnac‘s Book Fest to add new books to my shelf. You had a selection of books in English from which you could choose three for ten euros. Not a bad deal! I bought The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories by Tim Burton, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Better Mousetrap by Tom Holt, The Unbearable Lightness of Scones by Alexander McCall Smith, and Captain Alatriste by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Outside of that promotion, I also bought Salman Rushdie’s Shame.

Some of these books I’d never heard of, others I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I love promotions like this – the only problem is that my to-read pile (which is actually a pile) is verging on the point where I’ll need an architect to keep it standing. I’m buying books faster than I am reading them. I guess it’s better than having a shortage of things to read…

To-Read Shelf: 28/03/10

I turned 25 years-old last Thursday, the 25th of March. With the birthday came a couple of additions for my to-read pile (one of which I am already reading and will be raving about later in the week) so here is a short update.

At the top of this post you can see Pictures That (Tick) by Dave McKean (near the lovely orchids which I also got as a present), which I have to say is a fantastically beautiful book which I am completely in awe of. I’ll be saving my thoughts for the review, but I can tell you it was a really nice surprise.

Next up is the Sookie Stackhouse collection by Charlaine Harris, which I bought after fruitlessly searching for Dream Hunters at two different big chain bookshops. As an aside, I won’t say which, but one of them had staff that had never even heard of the book – which is bad in my opinion when you’re a dedicated bookstore (specially when the store next door that also sells computers and games has staff that even remembered the color of the book’s cover). Moving on. This boxed set includes Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, and All Together Dead. Yes, that is a lot of “Dead”. I find the names rather curious in a funny way. The cover art is kind of baffling also, not much to my taste to be honest, but at least they’re not the new ones, which feature desaturated photographs of the characters from the TV series.

By the way, I don’t follow True Blood (I’ve only ever watched the first episode) so no danger of spoilers anywhere for me. I’m not sure what to expect from the series, but it’s been a while since I’ve read any vampire books. Actually, I think that the last one I read was Dracula. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but that book is awesome.

Anyway, all ramblings aside, expect a review of Dave McKean’s book soon.

To-Read Shelf: 26/01/10

I keep most of my to-read books neatly arranged in a pile, in a spot where I can’t miss them. With the exception of a few art books, which are too big to keep there, these are the ones waiting for me for the next few weeks. I must admit I’ve been terribly slow with my reading lately. I blame it on the fact that I’ve been mostly reading non-fiction, on all the blogs in my feed (why, oh why must they be so interesting and attention-grabbing?) and on me trying to work on many different things, leaving my attention scattered thinly over said things.

Moving on. That poor The Host book (“Nómada” in Portuguese) has been perpetually glued to the bottom of my list since I got it as present a year ago. I confess I’m slightly afraid of reading anything by Stephenie Meyer (sorry, Twilight fans). Then again, I also try to avoid Dan Brown and yet I plan to read the Lost Symbol soon. I’ll explain why when I review it.

Last year I came close to being able to read 100 books a year. Here’s to hoping I reach that goal this year.