Salman Rushdie at the Late Late Show

To make up for my lack of reading (and therefore, reviewing) lately, here’s an interview with author Salman Rushdie at the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (a show that I highly recommend, by the way). By now it’s a couple of years old, and at the time Rushdie’s book The Enchantress of Florence had come out. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s a fun interview to watch, nonetheless. Apparently Dracula is in it, along with Swiss albino midgets. I might have to read it just because of that.


Book Video: Terry Pratchett – Science Fiction or Fantasy?

I came across Terry Pratchett’s books a few years ago (I think it’s been almost a decade now!), with The Colour of Magic, and I’ve been a fan ever since. His writing is funny, imaginative, original and insightful, and I would recommend his Discworld series to anyone who loves fantasy and is looking for great characters and world-building, with a stint of satire in their stories.

I decided to share this video because even nowadays we see so many books being blatantly misclassified in bookstores that it’s almost funny (bordering on sad). Classifying a book into a genre might be a difficult and sometimes completely superfluous and arbitrary task, but it’s needed for organizational purposes, and I just don’t understand how little thought people seem to put into it. In some cases it gets downright silly, like seeing the Portuguese version of The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases on the Self-Help section of a bookstore, or adult-themed graphic novels in the Children’s section.

Another interesting point he mentions is that even if a book in the Science Fiction & Fantasy section is a best-seller, they don’t show it on the Best-Sellers list. This might have been a few years ago, but even nowadays these are looked down upon as second-rate book genres. Again, a very sad prejudice, but as any prejudice, one that will probably take years to change.

Book Video: “Comic Book Greats” with Stan Lee and Jim Lee

The book I’m reading now (“Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud) is taking me a while to go through, mostly because it’s so fully packed with interesting information that I’m deliberately stopping regularly to digest it. That probably means I won’t finish it before the weekend, so I figured now would be a good time to post another video.

I went to Youtube and searched for “comic book”, and this amazing series, called “Comic Book Greats”, popped up.

The part I’m posting here shows Jim Lee sketching, but I recommend you watch the whole show, it’s definitely worth it!

Book Video: World War Z by Max Brooks

I tried to find the English version of this trailer, but only found either fan-made videos or supposed previews of the film adaptation, so here is the trailer of the Portuguese version, found in Blogtailors.

I bought The Zombie Survival Guide from the same author, so I will explain my obsession with zombies better when I review that book. Let’s just say that I’ve spent far too many of my insomnia nights planning out what I would do in the case of a zombie attack, down to quite some detail. This seemed to baffle the people around me, so I turned, as I often do, to books.

I’ll probably buy this one, too.

Book Video: Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie on The Subject of Language

This week’s video is not exactly about books, but I found it while browsing Goodreads and thought it was simply hilarious. It’s actually a really interesting take on language in general, and the English language in particular, but the true genious is in the way he presents it, poking fun at academics and their sometimes silly rhetoric.

If you’ve never seen Stephen Fry’s and Hugh Laurie’s show A Bit of Fry & Laurie, I recommend you check out a few clips, Hugh Laurie’s many musical endeavors in particular.

Book Video: Black Passport by Stanley Greene

Warning: The video contains some graphic images.

The book trailer for Stanley Greene’s upcoming photo book, Black Passport, literally made me stop in my tracks, which is obviously the effect they were going for. I like how effectively the images are interwoven with the sound, even if the narration didn’t do much to interest me in the book, but I’ll probably check it out anyway. I wish more book trailers had as much thought put into them as this one.

Via A Photo Editor.