Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall by Bill Willingham

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5)

Review: Snow White is sent to Arabia as Fabletown’s ambassador, tasked with forging an alliance between the two peoples against the conquering Adversary. Instead, the misogynist sultan takes her prisoner and intends to give her the same fate as he’s given nearly every other young woman in his land: marry her in the evening, and kill her the following morning. Snow White attempts to escape that fate by doing exactly what you would expect (if you know your fairytales): entertain him with a new story about the Fables every night.

As a stand-alone book about the Fables world, this can be read even by someone with no previous knowledge of the series; however, I would recommended reading at least some of the main stories first, to start feeling interested and invested in all the characters before you read their life stories. As it stands, I was delighted to read about some of my favourite characters: Snow White, Reynard the Fox, Bigby Wolf, and Prince Ambrose, among others. Most of the stories revolve around the theme of revenge, and they’re all pretty dark – darker than most of the issues on the main story, at least those I’ve read so far. Still, they are really interesting and well written, and the artwork is diverse and fitting to each story, so this is a wonderful addition to your library if you like Fables.

Highly recommended.


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