Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Rating: **** (4 out of 5)

Review: Knowing this was the second to last volume of the Scott Pilgrim series, I was expecting this to be the book in which everything sort of goes wrong in preparation to the redemption at the end of the series. Well, I was right. This one is much grimmer than the others, and consequently isn’t as fun to read.

It feels like every character has gone downhill for this one. With the exception of Scott, who despite all his failings, actually manages to mature somewhat, and Kim, who stops pretending she doesn’t care about anyone, every single character acted in a bitchy, immature or egotistical way. It’s okay, though, since this is true to reality – everyone does stupid things once in a while. And it’s funny how real all of it is: how sometimes relationships have everything to go right and still go wrong for apparently no reason, how every relationship in your life leaves behind traces that mess with you long after things are over, how people in your life (and your past) sometimes just can’t seem to leave your life alone.

Ramona’s character is still annoying, and I still don’t get what’s supposed to be awesome about her. I mean, abandoning your pet is low, man. But maybe that’s just me, since she’s been my biggest gripe about the series in every single volume.

It’s still a great story, with lovely art and storytelling, and I can’t wait to read the ending.


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