Feira do Livro do Porto 2010

First off, let me apologize in advance for the fact that this post’s photos won’t look as nice as the others, because I’m in the process of upgrading the computer I usually use for editing… So I shot these in jpeg (*shivers*) and they’re pretty much unretouched.

So today, in between packing and getting ready for vacation, we went back to the city’s book fair to meet with our friend Madalena Santos (author of several books in Portuguese). The place was a lot more crowded than during the week, but the heat was exactly the same – which is to say we were sweating and running for water and cold cupcakes in no time.

Here’s the lovely Madalena Santos, surrounded by her “Terras de Corza” book series (the fourth and last one is coming out next month):

I have yet to read her books (sorry Madalena!) but the first one is on my to-read shelf, on loan from my friend André, and I bought the second one (“A Coroa de Sangue“) as a gift to him. I also got a photo with Madalena. You can totally see how hot it was by the look on my face.

We also bought “Israel Sketchbook“, a Portuguese comic book, since the author, Ricardo Cabral, was also signing autographs. It was a really nice surprise to find him there, and the book looks gorgeous.

That’s Ricardo Cabral on the left, looking at and sketching a nearby building on our book, and Filipe Pina (author of “BRK“, another Portuguese comic book – here’s an interview with him and Filipe Andrade, the artist) on the right.

The sketched autograph looks absolutely gorgeous (seriously, how talented is this guy!):

After that, and since sketched autographs were apparently so “popular”, Madalena Santos also sketched a little something for André’s book:

And that’s it for today, which was really productive and fun book-wise. I wish I had the time to write something more fleshed out, but I have to go pack for vacations. Happy reading!


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