To-Read Shelf: 17/06/10

The scene above may seem like it was taken in some kind of librarian gone crazy party (or not, I’ve never been in one of those – if such a thing exists) but this is actually what my office looked like a couple of days ago. And trust me, the rest of the room looked worse. Yikes.

For a while now I had been wanting to get more shelf space for my books, mostly because my to-read pile was starting to look dangerously similar to the Pisa tower (my read ones were also getting piled in front of one another, but at least they weren’t in danger of falling). And when your books start to need an architect to keep them in place, it’s time to get a new shelf.

And so I did.

It looks bluish in the photos, but it’s actually completely black, slightly shiny and gorgeous. And huge. Much bigger then I imagined, and since the ceiling is slanted I was worried for a bit that we might not be able to get it standing. But all is good, and I’ve started the process of organizing the books. And so my to-read shelf is now an actual shelf.

I’m happy.

In other news, this week has been crazy in terms of planning and schedule, so reading time has been low. I was hoping to finish Scott McCloud’s book before my vacations, but looks like I might have to end up taking it with me. I worry though that since it’s not exactly a small book it might get damaged. Does anyone have any “traveling with books” advice?


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