Amazon Profile + Goodreads Librarian

A couple of book-related updates.

First off, I created an Amazon UK profile a couple of weeks ago, but just realized I had yet to mention it on the blog (except for the link on my “About Me” page). You can see it here. As of today I have 8 helpful votes and 2 unhelpful votes (oops! hehe). I mostly post smaller versions of the reviews I write here on the blog, trying to select the information that could be relevant for those deciding if they want to purchase. Hopefully getting better at that!

Secondly, I just became a Goodreads librarian! I’m pretty excited to be helping out at the site, and to be honest I have no idea why I hadn’t thought of applying before. I’ve started cleaning up a bit, mostly adding Portuguese editions of existing books, correcting author’s names, uploading correct covers… But I have to say that some authors make it very hard to update their profile page. Let’s face it, in this day and age it’s vital to have a website to promote your work, and if you’re going to have a website you should at least offer some basic info about yourself… I get that some authors prefer flowery, lyrical biographies (and sometimes I do too), but it’s not that hard to include at least your year of birth, not to mention a photograph!

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today. Expect a review soon!


2 thoughts on “Amazon Profile + Goodreads Librarian

  1. Ana C. Nunes says:

    I totally agre with you on the goodreads comment about authors and the websites.
    And good to see more librarians, we’re never enough after all. XD

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