On Writing by Stephen King

Rating: **** (4 out of 5)

Background: In my search for books about writing, this one came up virtually everywhere. I’ve read a few of Stephen King’s books, and I have a mixed opinion of them, but overall I think he’s a great storyteller (one just has to look at how many of his stories turned into truly influential movies!). So it was with curiosity that I set out to read this one.

Review: The author starts by describing episodes of his life that were relevant to his eventual development as a writer, and it ends with King recounting an accident he was involved in while writing this book, in which he was almost killed by a wandering van. In this sense, the book feels like a memoir, with a section on the nuts and bolts of writing in between. This actually works quite well, since everything is written in the same light and funny language which makes the reader feel comfortable, sort of like talking to an old friend who just happens to be Stephen King.

Even though I bought this for the section about writing, I found myself enjoying the memoir parts more. It’s fascinating to see how a specific life experience can lead someone to become what you know them to be, and in that sense this book is invaluable. King writes as if he has nothing to hide, as if he doesn’t care what people will say. And some of his life experiences are really interesting. I found the description of his time working at a laundry, washing hospital sheets, particularly gruesome.

His advice for writers is very much to the point, and mostly makes perfect sense. Good writing has no formulas, and it’s subjective enough to leave room for interpretation, but some things are obvious, like his first advice to “Read a lot, write a lot”, or, the one I found most useful for me personally:

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.

However, there were a lot of things I just didn’t see eye to eye with the author – which is actually perfectly okay with me, since if I agreed with everything I would probably end up writing things that were too similar to his style. Still, this was a very useful read, not just because it was funny and entertaining, but also because it showed a glimpse into the mind of one of the best storytellers alive today.

What’s Next: When I bought this one I also got a couple of others about writing, and this book gives a few others to check out. But reading this mostly made me want to read fiction… And write!

I haven’t decided yet what to read next… My to-read pile is getting dangerously high, which means I have far too many options at the moment – a great problem to have.


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