To-Read Shelf: 26/01/10

I keep most of my to-read books neatly arranged in a pile, in a spot where I can’t miss them. With the exception of a few art books, which are too big to keep there, these are the ones waiting for me for the next few weeks. I must admit I’ve been terribly slow with my reading lately. I blame it on the fact that I’ve been mostly reading non-fiction, on all the blogs in my feed (why, oh why must they be so interesting and attention-grabbing?) and on me trying to work on many different things, leaving my attention scattered thinly over said things.

Moving on. That poor The Host book (“Nómada” in Portuguese) has been perpetually glued to the bottom of my list since I got it as present a year ago. I confess I’m slightly afraid of reading anything by Stephenie Meyer (sorry, Twilight fans). Then again, I also try to avoid Dan Brown and yet I plan to read the Lost Symbol soon. I’ll explain why when I review it.

Last year I came close to being able to read 100 books a year. Here’s to hoping I reach that goal this year.


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